Thursday, July 28, 2011

237 houses built for Karnataka Flood Victims by Art of Living Karnataka

Overview of flood relief work carried out in North Karnataka:
v  Short Term Relief:
ü  55 temporary houses were built using 2 tons of steel and 4 tons of Bamboos at Uppara Village, Sindhanuru Taluk, Raichur District.
ü  To provide clean drinking water, 440nos. of TATA Swach’ water filters were procured for distribution, where 150 filters for Khairwadagi, 130 for Ingalagi and 160 to Hebballi were allotted for distribution.
v  Long Term Relief:
ü  As a long term approach of rehabilitation, VVKI entered into an agreement with the Government of Karnataka in November 2009. with the cooperation of the corporate companies like Bosch, Yahoo, Times foundation, Art of Living Volunteers and few others joined hands with us for this noble cause of building 237 no. of houses for the benefit of a section of those who were displaced due to floods in started at Khairwadgi & Hebballi , Bagalkot District.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Every night
i talk to a wall.
she stood unseen,
one word at a time,
on the other side.

the bricks chipped,
so did the time,
weathered plight,
cracks to crevices,
anonymous chimes,
pinhole light
kissed my eyes
in glee.

for a forgotten smile,
for a time together,
to be there beside,
as i looked inside

she splits the cracked wall,
opened up for me.
comes through,
while i close my eyes,
in my dream.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


into the shadows
i dissolve,
elasticized, paralysed
shortened and weakened
by the beacon of  lights,
kept angled  far high .

in the shadows i feel,
that the truth is naked
but blinded and attired
by  hues of people
who made rules and cues
for rest  un-accused.

the world is perplexed,
by the weak the strong, talks and shouts.
glued to TV, twitter and screens
opinions, rage, words-said-carefree,
minds are battered and tattered,
while the corrupt roam free.

in the shadows i hope,
a  light will dawn from up above.
break the angles and triangle,
the shambles of  hoards and keep,
and take my country by a storm,
and leave darkness behind me.