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I object Mr Shekhar Kapoor

Today,  came across SHEKHAR KAPOOR'S  comment on MF Husain and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, where he puts across the point that The guru shouldn't have let go of his all encompassing love aura by commenting on an expression of art  that MF  Husain did to portray purity.

I vehemently object his views for the sole reason he doesn't know what wound Mf husain inflicted on the people of India. before writing this piece, shekhar  should have done his research well. He spells Sri Sri ravi Shankar as Shree Shree Ravi Shankar &  MF husain as MF Hussein. For god Sake, he is a script writer and columnist and how can we take  take it seriously when he cant even get the names right.

So here is my letter to Him,

My dear Shekhar,

Ram, Sita, Ganesh, Saraswati and other Goddesses are venerated by the masses of this country. The masses I refer to you are not the people who would have watched the movies that you have made or know about your academy award nomination or your anti british controvery that you generated.
These are people who make food for the country and whose source of strength is the small temple in their village where they find  solace and strength in their gram devta or  local deity. 

I am Sure, you don't understand what i am talking about.  may be these lyrics will help you  understand the essence of what i mean to say:

1) oh paalanhaare from lagaan

2) Pal Pal hain Bhari from the Movie-  swades : prounounciation : Swa- Desh  ( dont rhyme it out like "Blades")

May be i should put it like this,

how did feel when you Walked the red carpet at the academy award or when you had stroked the deal with Richard branson for Virgin comics?  A sense of contentment; right?

That's what the people of my country get from small temples where these  gods and goddesses are worshiped. and painting them nude and in vulgar poses is definitely no depiction of purity.

To  understand the sentiments of people of India who are aghast by this painters depiction and whose voice is not carried you will really need to go down to the countries heart.  Instead the same media which has poked the grassroots sadly carries opinions of the so called intellectual secularist and beer farts whose only job is to comment from hundreds  miles away and gets paid for cursing and ridiculing its own people.

Therefore don’t make a hero out of this jerk artist who the country never adopted ( till he turned 90+) until he managed to poke the sentiments of the people whose voices are never heard and whose opinions are never carried.

Sri Sri Statements, of course has nothing to do with Art. he said, "It is the intention behind a man's creativity which is questionable."  He carries the voice of invisible people of my country whose contribution and whose self esteem, faith and belief matter for the progress of the country. And A spiritual Leader cannot turn a blind eye to it or say "Chalta Hain"

I don want to end it like a letter because i don expect a reply to it from you Sir,

I hope you will not use MF husain as a source of inspiration for the Ramayana graphic series  that I believe you are producing.

Thank you!

PS :

please find Sri Sri's Statement from its source as you might have missed the point due to editors cut.

It's unfortunate that there is much hue and cry about M F Husain giving up Indian citizenship. While India has a policy of free expression, one cannot accept blatant insult to the heroes of its land. It is the intention behind a man's creativity which is questionable.

In one of Husain's paintings of Mahatma Gandhi, Karl Marx, Albert Einstein and Hitler, he has painted only Hitler nude and said that his way of humiliating a person is to paint him nude. Caught in his own words, his intention is to humiliate. No one has ever sculpted Rama and Sita as nude. Creative expression is always welcome. No country has been as liberal as India, especially Hindus. But there is a limit to tolerance and taking insults. Any nude woman could have been painted by him but calling the women Sita, Lakshmi, Saraswati shows his perversion and hatred.

Will M F Husain show the same creativity and the same spirit with Islamic heroes and would he, then, be able retain his Qatari citizenship? One fails to understand how we can have different criteria for Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen on the one hand and M F Husain on the other. Will the same people who support him, encourage him to paint women / men of his faith in a similar manner?  

Double standards, bias and hatred do not go well with men of excellence.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Guruji Addresses Farmers in Assam

Bongaingoan (Assam). February 18, 2010:
  Over one lakh rural population from seven troubled districts of lower Assam turned up at the inauguration of the three-day Kisan Mela at the Gomath field to hear Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s message of peace and love.

Inaugurating the Kisan Mela – a training programme for local farmers, Sri Sri said,” Our country is a land of rishis and krishis. If they are miserable the society and country will suffer. We should adopt zero-budget and chemical free-farming. There is also an urgent need to preserve local seeds. Assam being rich in medicinal plants, we should grow more of them.”  
The training programme has experts from the Sri Sri Institute of Agricultural Sciences And Technological Trust, Bengaluru, who will impart training to local farmers on chemical-free and zero-budget farming. 
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sri Sri Inaugurates an Exhibition on Sikhism

Sri Sri inaugurating an Exhibition on “Sikhism -  As the Defender of Indian Dharma”
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on a clean Kolkata drive

Kolkata. February 11, 2010: Kolkata had a surprise garbage picker on Thursday late afternoon – the revered Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation. 

The Guru of Joy selected the City of Joy to extend his concept of community service to direct hands-on garbage cleaning. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar embarked on shoveling garbage from the once-famed Lily Pool in the Rabindra Sarobar area of South Kolkata. Lily Pool is a three-acre garden directly across Bengal Rowing Club adjacent to the rise of the Lake Gardens flyover. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was joined in the clean-up by 175 youth volunteers of the Art of Living Foundation. 

Emphasizing on the need to bring about environment awareness Sri Sri said, “No one single agency or authority can undertake this mission.  We need all to join hands so that together we make a difference. ”

The Art of Living Foundation is committed to the cause of environment sustainability. As part of it Mission Green Earth initiative, it has planted over 55 million trees worldwide.  Art of Living’s other environmental initiatives include rain-water harvesting projects, zero-budget organic and chemical-free farming, its campaign against genetically modified seeds and river clean-up initiatives among others.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

'Art of Living' must for Thackeray family: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


New Delhi, Feb 4 (PTI) Taking a jibe at Shiv Sena and MNS for their campaign against "outsiders" in Maharashtra, spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar today advised the Bal Thackeray family to "strictly" follow his Art of Living regimes in order to calm their nerves.

"Thackeray parivaar ko Art of Living ki sakht zaroorat hai (The Thackeray family strictly need Art of Living lessons)," Ravi Shankar told reporters here.

Emphasising "India's unity is India's strength", the spiritual guru stressed that unity cannot be put on stake for "trivial" issues, referring to the ongoing controversy over the growing conglomeration of migrants in Mumbai.

"The war of words is only complicating matters instead of resolving them. We should look at a united India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari," he said.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mile sur Mera Tumhara. Did it?

Before you read please see the full version of the song here :

In You Tube :

"Did Sur actually Mila?" in the latest version of the Mile Sur mera tumhara? To make it short and to the point I would say: NO! It has made it so filmy and too plastic for my liking.

The new version  percussions dominates the epic song and dissected and shamelessly replaced  Lata Mangeshkar melodic rendition with  Deepika Pudokone's long legs,  lip syncing to the lyrics sung by some playback singers ( quite living up to its title, 'Mile Sur Mera tumhara'), common man with film actors ( more bollywood and namesake south)  and  compromised many of  India's  beautiful landscapes for film studios with actors doing their normal filmy slow motion gestures.

Bringing the younger Shankars, the Aman Ali's, Krishnamurthis, Shivkumar & Yesudas, dance maestro Shobhana and few other iconic artists was the only reprieve in this video.
 The video ends with few glimpses of our defense forces and few new sportsmen who made it big with their own effort and not from the support of the nation.

 After watching it I have ended up in questions.

Why Shahid Kapoor did did his Kaminey act in the song? Why did Shah Rukh Khan reenact his 1 billion Airtel pose? Why did Aamir khan tried to mix "aey"from  aati kya kandala song & education theme together?  How Sharmila shitty did became the face for alternate energy in India?  If they could avoid 37 year old Sachin Tendulkar from the song, why didn't they ignore the junior Bachhan and junior Bachhans old wife? Where are the farmers of India in it whose contribution matters to this Nation and whose food we all eat? What about Chaurasia and our own Indian Flute go? Why was ehsaan playing an unplugged electric guitar in the middle of nowhere?  Why rural India was completely ignored in the video? Where did our Peacock, Tiger, Lotus and Ashoka chakra go?  Why did it not represent India's North East frontiers? Where is that symbol of Indian-ism which the director wanted younger generation to associate it with?

The Sur didn't actually 'mila' in this attempt. It’s a complete disaster. it cleanly looks like the members of Times of India Camp got an opportunity to  participate in a music video and anyone who was not part of the camp was taken out in this "pseudo national unity video."  Only 15 cities of India were captured for this video and   it’s a shame to even prove the point that the cities, the bollywood babes and hunks hold the identity of my Country. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

shabad kirtan in Ashram

I know its too late to share these, but got hold of the photographs today...

The Shabad kirtan in the Art of Living Ashram was held on the 19th of June 2009. It was mesmerizing. According to the instructions by Guruji, the ashram obeyed all rules of singing the Kirtan. Every single person had covered their head. The Kirtan was devoid of clapping, which was yet another unique aspect and something new for ashramites :) . The Gurudwara Of bangalore, President and Secretary along with Sikh Families in Bangalore were also present for the kirtan. Guruji, the day before the Kirtan, gave a commentary on Ik Onkar too.

The Ashram Kitchen also prepared Langar Prasad and the main Cook of the Gurudwara in collaboration with Ashram kitchen made the dinner for the evening.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sri Sri Playing the Piano

his fingers moves so very fast. he played the song " nataraj shubhakara" in it... with uncanny knack. With his resplendent smile and stage presence made it an evening to remember.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Art of Livings historic musical symphony in Pune

2750 classical vocalists enthrall a live audience of over 2 lakhs.

Bangalore. January 13, 2010: Art of Living hosted a historic symphony - Antarnaad - in Pune today, bringing over 2750 Indian classical vocalists together on one platform, to write a new chapter in the history of music.

Conceived by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, spiritual and humanitarian leader and Founder, Art of Living, the aim of Antarnaad was to showcase the vast repertoire of Hindustani classical music as well as to provide a platform for the exponents of this ancient Indian art.

Stating that classical music and spirituality are among the most definitive and unique offerings India can make to the world, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “Spirituality and music together can uplift people, get them out of depression and help them start a new life with enthusiasm. For a stress-free life, you have to embrace both these facets (spirituality and music).”

Musicians from across the country, celebrity singers like Shankar Mahadevan and renowned names like Pt Rajan & Sajan Misra were also part of this event. Shankar Mahadevan said, “These days, we hear that Hindustani Classical music is on a decline. But looking at this crowd, would you believe this?”

Dy CM of Maharashtra, Shri Chaggan Bhujbal said, “It is a matter of pride for Maharashtra to have this symphony in the cradle of Hindustani classical music. When these people sing together, it sounds like a plea for peace and non-violence.”

The singers who were perched on a mammoth 27,000 square feet stage sang exquisite compositions, based on ancient ragas in the Gandharva Veda, namely, Shree, Purya Dhanashree, Des, Basant Bahar, Chandrakaus, Shankara, Kalavati, Janasammohini and Bhoop, enthralling a live audience of over 2 lakh people.

Present at the event, were numerous dignatories, politicians, celebrities, businessmen and corporate heads including Shri Chaggan Bhujbal, Dy CM Maharashtra, Shri Gopinath Munde, Dy Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Shri Narayan Rane, Revenue Minister Maharashtra, Shri R R Patil Home minister, Maharashtra, among others.

Antarnaad is the grandest in the Art of Living tradition of showcasing ancient Indian arts on one platform. The Art of Living had earlier entered the Guinness Book of World Records with 1200 Mohiniattam dancers performing together on one stage in Kerala in 2006 and for its historic sitar concert titled Brahmnaad in New Delhi in Nov 2008, which brought together over 1000 sitar exponents, in aid of the Bihar Relief and rehabilitation.
The evening actually lived and reminded of the good old  "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara" days.

Pic Caption: 2750 Hindustani Classical Singers performing on the stage together at Antarnaad. For Media Enquiries and for more details of Art of Livings contribution towards India's Music, Contact : media[dot]coordinator[@]artofliving[dot]org

Anti Smoking Rally by SSRVM

Tiny Tots Voice Protest against Smoking

Bangalore: Over Hundred children from SSRVM school along with teachers took part in a Anti Smoking Rally that was held in Koramangala BDA complex, Forum Mall and Raheja Arcade.
The event formed as part of the value education project for the school. It was held under the banner: “Stop Smoking, Start Living”. Children also gave pamphlets to the passersby informing them about the Art of Living’s de- addiction programs that would help smokers to kick the Habit in just 6 days.
“Through such events and value based educations, the harms of smoking get embedded in children and they also become a vehicle for spreading awareness”, said Reshma Ganesh, Principal, SSRVM School. “We look forward to conducting more such awareness programmes, that will build value among children”, she added.

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Guruji - Avatar - fancy Dress competition

all courtesy to his fans, who make special costumes for him... The king of Happy Times!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

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Yes plus advance course

1900 youngsters from 21 countries attended this winter break 2009. Started on 26th and it ends today. .