Sunday, April 17, 2011


into the shadows
i dissolve,
elasticized, paralysed
shortened and weakened
by the beacon of  lights,
kept angled  far high .

in the shadows i feel,
that the truth is naked
but blinded and attired
by  hues of people
who made rules and cues
for rest  un-accused.

the world is perplexed,
by the weak the strong, talks and shouts.
glued to TV, twitter and screens
opinions, rage, words-said-carefree,
minds are battered and tattered,
while the corrupt roam free.

in the shadows i hope,
a  light will dawn from up above.
break the angles and triangle,
the shambles of  hoards and keep,
and take my country by a storm,
and leave darkness behind me.