Sunday, July 26, 2009

The three levels of my existence

This is my room within the room. My life is more or less dependent on its three layers. The basement is the place for my suitcase, extra pair of footwears and sometimes things fallen from the above two floors. Dust gathers very fast on this level. My other two room mates, who stays in their own rooms, within our room, do broom it every alternate day while i sleep on its first floor. This floor is the arena for the most important activity in my life. Sleep. Seldom used as movie watchin table, with my feet stretched, trying to keep itself warm, on to the adjacent room; of our room. It also used as ironing table as well as dining table. The top floor holds all the essentials of my life. Toileteries, washed clothes, to be washed clothes, washed but not pressed and finally washed and pressed clothes, helmet, film dvds, newspaper and others. Its been one year and four months since i have been rectangled by this funny structure. My bunker bed. There is so much joy living within it as i have realised today, my life is beyond it. In the last 5 years my place, my room, my temporary abode has always been gettin smaller and smaller But life has new found meaning and depth. . .

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Stephen Chapman... said...

Love the bee!

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