Wednesday, August 26, 2009

City lights.

I don't know what brings me back to this city heartland again and again. I love being here, taking a glimpse of places where i used to pick my smokes and have my share of beer. Its not like i miss doing it. I dont. I would love to go to the same place and order for fruit juice and sweet pan just to see that confused look on the people who wonders what a weirdo i am. Nothing in me has changed. My love for non veg has changed into paneer and mushrooms, from beer and alcohol to mocktails and lassi and from cigs to meditation. I also, don have a single soul waiting and wailing for me begging me to come spent time together. Still being here is different. I don know what makes brigade road, church street and mg road carries. My ashram is thousand times more peaceful, beautiful and calm. Perhaps its the contrast which makes these streets endearing. . . Let these light shine bright!

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