Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guruji's talk

Excerpts of the talk of sri sri ravi shankar. ( Please excuse me as i couldn't type it fast from my mobile) guruji : you need to think first what you can do for the world? That thought is the right path. You want to go to delhi but if you take a train to trivandrum it doesn't help. Many companies go down because of this because all partners think how much money they can take out from it. Try as much to fulfill others wishes. In the process of taking, people will run away from you. You only trust people who is ready to help you out when you required. And not someone who always keeps asking for things. But don go out of your way. The society doesn't expect you to do everythin. If you are not a doctor, do not try to treat people. Even that is a mistake. Whaterer you can do in your level, you should be ready to do. The society always expect you to do what you are capable. The goodness in you get reflected manifold in the society. . . but of course There are some people whom you can never impress in society. Don worry about such people and their opinions... Question: i am thirty now. I don know if i should do my business or get married? Answer: about love, you should do with your heart and business with your brain. Lock your heart in your house when you do business and vice versa. . . I missed one question. Everyone takes sankalpa but how does it realise? Guruji: you need to surrender after you take intention and not cling on to it. Question: does god also get tired? Guruji: in india you play the song which tells gods to wake up. Its called suprabatham. The idea is to wake up the dead to human and then the next process is to awaken the divinity in you. . . This is the most highest philosophy. Every woman in india can make tea easily without giving much attention. In the same way don think divine is sleepin. Vishnu is lying down in that pose being aware of what is happening around. . . Question: what can spiritual leaders do for society? What are you doin in this regard? guruji: see, we are working, but also remember you also should involve and don expect only us to do. Somebody asked why so much work was done in bihar and the same not done in orrisa? And i asked him, brother, where were you? (Laughs) six years back, the ltte leader spoke and i had advised him, now that you are very strong, its time to come to negotiating table. Else you willend like saddam. They never considered themselves terrorist and i told them except you, all the countries look at you as terrorist. I assured them, i will do the negotiation. But they never listened and told me to mind my job and let them handle politics. THEY NEVER LISTENED TO ME. i also advised the prime minister, you can fight the war but never win it fully until and unless you stop the war and give the chance to weaker side. . . . Why didn't bangaladesh give the corridor which can save a lot of distance to go to tripura. It didn't happen because we indians don have the quality of track door diplomacy. We need to bring people of all segments like corporates, industries, trade unions and politicians . together only we can make a difference.

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