Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Knowledge session with vinod menon

Vinod menon is one of the most dymanic teacher of the art of living. He takes the divya samaj nirman course across the world. While leavin office, he found me and instructed me to come home. Later he made me read the knowledge sheet of guruji called ' the real success. ' that too, three times. Until 3 others who were there with him also were clear. Later he made me ask questions about the knowledge sheet read. As it progressed, one of us asked, the mind is interesting to which he reverted by saying no; it is the quality inside you that makes you feel that the mind is interesting and not be the virtue of the mind. One can find it boring, if he wishes and can get bored. So the things that you feel is interesting or not is not actually what the thing is really. It is about your interest! Now as i walk back to the kitchen for my dinner, i feel the evening was really special. This is the place! Time for dinner . . Www.Artofliving.Org