Monday, January 25, 2010

shabad kirtan in Ashram

I know its too late to share these, but got hold of the photographs today...

The Shabad kirtan in the Art of Living Ashram was held on the 19th of June 2009. It was mesmerizing. According to the instructions by Guruji, the ashram obeyed all rules of singing the Kirtan. Every single person had covered their head. The Kirtan was devoid of clapping, which was yet another unique aspect and something new for ashramites :) . The Gurudwara Of bangalore, President and Secretary along with Sikh Families in Bangalore were also present for the kirtan. Guruji, the day before the Kirtan, gave a commentary on Ik Onkar too.

The Ashram Kitchen also prepared Langar Prasad and the main Cook of the Gurudwara in collaboration with Ashram kitchen made the dinner for the evening.

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