Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mile sur Mera Tumhara. Did it?

Before you read please see the full version of the song here :


In You Tube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gstRrEmTcBc

"Did Sur actually Mila?" in the latest version of the Mile Sur mera tumhara? To make it short and to the point I would say: NO! It has made it so filmy and too plastic for my liking.

The new version  percussions dominates the epic song and dissected and shamelessly replaced  Lata Mangeshkar melodic rendition with  Deepika Pudokone's long legs,  lip syncing to the lyrics sung by some playback singers ( quite living up to its title, 'Mile Sur Mera tumhara'), common man with film actors ( more bollywood and namesake south)  and  compromised many of  India's  beautiful landscapes for film studios with actors doing their normal filmy slow motion gestures.

Bringing the younger Shankars, the Aman Ali's, Krishnamurthis, Shivkumar & Yesudas, dance maestro Shobhana and few other iconic artists was the only reprieve in this video.
 The video ends with few glimpses of our defense forces and few new sportsmen who made it big with their own effort and not from the support of the nation.

 After watching it I have ended up in questions.

Why Shahid Kapoor did did his Kaminey act in the song? Why did Shah Rukh Khan reenact his 1 billion Airtel pose? Why did Aamir khan tried to mix "aey"from  aati kya kandala song & education theme together?  How Sharmila shitty did became the face for alternate energy in India?  If they could avoid 37 year old Sachin Tendulkar from the song, why didn't they ignore the junior Bachhan and junior Bachhans old wife? Where are the farmers of India in it whose contribution matters to this Nation and whose food we all eat? What about Chaurasia and our own Indian Flute go? Why was ehsaan playing an unplugged electric guitar in the middle of nowhere?  Why rural India was completely ignored in the video? Where did our Peacock, Tiger, Lotus and Ashoka chakra go?  Why did it not represent India's North East frontiers? Where is that symbol of Indian-ism which the director wanted younger generation to associate it with?

The Sur didn't actually 'mila' in this attempt. It’s a complete disaster. it cleanly looks like the members of Times of India Camp got an opportunity to  participate in a music video and anyone who was not part of the camp was taken out in this "pseudo national unity video."  Only 15 cities of India were captured for this video and   it’s a shame to even prove the point that the cities, the bollywood babes and hunks hold the identity of my Country. 


Rajiv Mathew said...

Totally agree!

Neel said...


- Ubiquitous - said...

Hate it toooo!

lost_scotoma said...

can't disagree... perfectly put.

Anonymous said...

Disastrous as this video is, one good outcome is the fact that some of the younger kids in India, who did not grow up with the original Mile Sur, now have the opportunity to find out how awesome the original version really was

Sudhir said...

Totally agree! It just reinforced the fact that "Old is Gold"!

I did a review too:)


- Sudhir

Swathi Pradeep said...

Yes, I agree with you completely!
Even I had written an article on this yesterday.Here is the link:

My article has also appeared on today's Deccan Herald Website!

tejas said...

the new version , rather say the bollywoodized mile sur is no way near the old one.. only emotions tat come out after watching is "anger".. and a feeling to trash those losers who made it and published it.