Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anti Smoking Rally by SSRVM

Tiny Tots Voice Protest against Smoking

Bangalore: Over Hundred children from SSRVM school along with teachers took part in a Anti Smoking Rally that was held in Koramangala BDA complex, Forum Mall and Raheja Arcade.
The event formed as part of the value education project for the school. It was held under the banner: “Stop Smoking, Start Living”. Children also gave pamphlets to the passersby informing them about the Art of Living’s de- addiction programs that would help smokers to kick the Habit in just 6 days.
“Through such events and value based educations, the harms of smoking get embedded in children and they also become a vehicle for spreading awareness”, said Reshma Ganesh, Principal, SSRVM School. “We look forward to conducting more such awareness programmes, that will build value among children”, she added.

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